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Academic Calendar

The Tennessee College of Applied Technology operates on a year-round basis dismissing only for observance of legal holidays, teacher in-service, breaks between terms, and student vacation days. Full-time preparatory classes are scheduled five days a week for six hours a day.

The calendar for the Tennessee College of Applied Technology Henry/Carroll is based on three equal trimesters that include a minimum of 216 instructional days. The three trimesters are:

Fall:            September, October, November, December
Spring:       January, February, March, April
Summer:    May, June, July, August

   432 hours = 1 trimester
   864 hours = 2 trimesters
1,296 hours = 3 trimesters
1,728 hours = 4 trimesters
2,160 hours = 5 trimesters

The college may extend the ending dates of periods of instruction at any time prior to or during the academic year due to emergencies beyond the reasonable control of the school, including severe weather, loss of utilities, or orders by governing agencies.


Date Event
05-27-2024 Student and Staff Holiday
06-19-2024 Student and Staff Holiday
06-24-2024 to 07-03-2024 Student Holiday
07-04-2024 Student/Staff Holiday
07-05-2024 Student Holiday
08-28-2024 Student Holiday/Inservice
08-29-2024 to 08-30-2024 Student Holiday
09-02-2024 Student and Staff Holiday
10-10-2024 Student Holiday
11-27-2024 Student Holiday
11-28-2024 Student and Staff Holiday
11-29-2024 Student and Staff Holiday
12-19-2024 Student Holiday/Inservice
12-20-2024 to 12-23-2024 Student Holiday
12-24-2024 to 12-31-2024 Administrative Closing